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Oak Hills PTO Meeting Minutes – November


Call meeting to order: 8:30, Gretchen Williams: First – Christina Smalley, Second – Tracy Williamson


Review and approve May minutes: Motion – First – Christina Smalley, Second – Tracy Williamson



Treasurers Report: Motion: First – Marlene Graham, Second - Lana Hosier




  • Fall Fundraiser – Cookie Dough update – Pick up on November 17th (volunteers needed)



  • December Teacher Luncheon Date – December 14th

  • We will order the turkey and ham, parents will provide sides and deserts

  • Teacher holiday gifts – Gift card tree


Activities to date:

  • Teacher Birthday Celebrations – Thank you Arika

  • Spelling Bee – Thank you Melissa Sayers

  • Red Ribbon Week – Thank you Rachel Anderson

  • Teacher Luncheon – Thank you Mel Gidney and Committee

  • Veteran’s Parade – Thank you Rachel Anderson and Volunteers

  • Gift Cards for different Staff Recognition Days from MISD



  • Questions/Comments

  • Next Meeting November 10th at 8:30am

  • Meeting Adjourned


Call to close at 9:08 – First – Jackie Dewese, Second – Jennifer Harrelson


Attendees: Gretchen Williamson, Michelle Hollis, Adriana Swanson, Joan Allen, Marlene Graham, Christina Smalley, Jennifer Harrelson, Darlene Graham, Paula Wiederhold, Lana Hosier, Jackie Dewese

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