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Oak Hills PTO Meeting Minutes – December


Call meeting to order: 8:31AM, Gretchen Williams: First – Michelle Hollas, Second – Tanya Williams


Review and approve December minutes: Motion – First – Michelle Hollas, Second – Tanya Williams


Treasurers Report: Motion: First – Christina Smalley, Second - Amy Flores




  • Fall Fundraiser – Top prizes have been delivered

  • The rest of the prizes will be delivered January at the Big Event – Mr. Williams need to confirm dates



  • December Teacher Luncheon Date – December 14th

  • Decorating on Monday, 12/13 at 10AM

  • Hot Cocoa Bombs will be displayed as tree with gift cards attached – Staff gets to choose one card


  • 8th Grade Celebration – Next Big Event



  • Questions/Comments

  • Next Meeting February 11th at 8:3AM

  • Meeting Adjourned


Call to close – 8:52AM – First – Amy Flores, Second – Tanya Williams


Attendees: Gretchen Williamson, Michelle Hollis, Allen, Marlene Graham, Christina Smalley, Jennifer Harrelson, Lana Hosier, Amy Flores, Amy Curley

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